‘0Core 4’ implemented through acts of service

Academically prepared, biblically rooted, globally minded and equipped to serve: The “Core 4” drive the curriculum programming at California Baptist University and compose the outcomes intended for all graduates. While we have heard these outcomes mentioned and have seen them posted around campus, the structure of many courses does not easily lend itself to the


Professors share study tips, methods

From pulling all-nighters, staying awake from caffeine, studying or cramming for exams, there are better ways for students to study and be less exhausted. Apart from giving lectures or study materials, some professors share tips they have used and how students can better prepare themselves for exams. Dr. Steve Betts, professor and associate dean of


CBU athletes recover from sports injuries

One downfall of being an athlete is encountering a sports injury. Coping with the stress of an injury mainly focuses on physical rehab, but recovering emotionally and mentally is often just as strenuous. Sometimes athletes try to deny that they are experiencing pain and as a result practice through it, potentially delaying recovery and increasing