Chapman Place hosts Riverside light show

Christmas decorating is a holiday tradition, but the people who live on Chapman Place make it clear that this tradition is about more than just Christmas lights and decorations. Each year, the residents of this Riverside street continue their 64-year-long tradition of decorating their street together in an central theme, which for the past 11


This CBU Life — EP. 3 Muddy Miracles

  Greg Bateman’s arm vehicle gets stuck out in the mud on a dark, rainy night in the late ’70s. He retells then sorry of how he survived unfortunate event after another.


Kieth Jizmejian, alumni, Jake Jizmejian, senior applied theology major, and Kolby Jizmejian, freshman history and english double major, have all been playing water polo since middle school and still love playing the sport in college.
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Brothers cement bond, legacy through time in water polo

A favorite sport is sometimes the one thing that brings siblings closer to one another. For the Jizmejian brothers at California Baptist University, water polo was the one sport they were most passionate about, and it gave them an opportunity to create countless memories. Keith, CBU alumnus; Jake, senior applied theology major; and Kolby Jizmejian,