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Spoken word artists, CBU community share experiences to encourage dialogue

PODCASTED BY: Christina Gibbs In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and to celebrate the beginning of February, which is Black History Month, California Baptist University’s Community Life in partnership with the United Club hosted Cap Chat Poetry Slam, featuring spoken word artists Jackie Hill Perry and her husband Preston. The evening was dedicated



Opening Day sets tone for duration of season

The softball team at California Baptist University started the season on a high note Jan.30, winning their season-opening double header against California State University, San Marcos, 16-3, 8-0. Last season, the team finished the season 42-11 overall, with a conference record of 25-6 and an appearance in the NCAA conference tournament. Already this season, accolades


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Cameron Schaefer, junior electrical engineering major, balances on a slackline tied between two trees near the California Baptist University sand volleyball courts.  Slacklining utilizes body coordination and mental focus for balance.

Slackline tests agility

Students around campus are engaging in the unconventional sport of slacklining, incorporating both the skills of balance and technique in the test of endurance. Slacklining can be described as a walk across a slackline, a two-inch strap of webbing crossed between a tightrope and a trampoline. The slackline is tied between two trees or posts.