Grandparents’ Day brings families to CBU

California Baptist University welcomed grandparents of students on April 13 in honor of the third annual Grandparents’ Day and had opportunities for quality time with grandchildren and their friends. The day was devoted to the grandparents of the CBU students to experience college classes, a chapel service and tours of the campus, including the School


Nattali Molina, junior health education major and player for Wales, sprints after the ball before it falls out of bounds as Robert Maxey, junior
civil engineering major and player for Switzerland, picks up the slack to reclaim the ball.
Julie Gurrola | Banner

Wales, Switzerland go against each other for Lancer Cup win

Throughout the entire school year there are intramural events that take place on campus. Students compete in their sport of choice, whether it be flag football, basketball or soccer, and the Lancer student body strives for bragging rights on campus. Teams Switzerland and Wales competed April 14 for the coveted Lancer Cup on the Front


Brittany Bither, freshman pre-nursing major, holds a young Haitian girl during one of the trips she has taken to visit her grandparents’ organization, Haiti Endowment Fund, in Hinche, Haiti.
Photo Courtesy of Brittany Bither

Student serves Haiti yearly

Late-night studying in the Annie Gabriel Library transitions mid-semester to the small, mountainous island of Haiti. Brittany Bither, freshman pre-nursing major, takes several weeks off during school to serve communities in Haiti and then transitions back into her daily life at California Baptist University. Bither was 14 years old when she first visited her grandparents’